How Angela Got Her "Implants"

...And by implants, I mean dental fixtures. I’ve struggled with a number of dental issues over the last several years and had 4 of my molars pulled (horrid, I know!).  With student loans and other bills, I just didn’t think I’d ever be able to afford the implants that my DDS recommended.  It’s quite embarrassing, and painful at times, to be a snaggle tooth adult.

As I’m seeing a specialist for the implants, I have to pay up front and then be reimbursed the covered portion from my dental insurance.  My bill is over $11K (insert distraught face).  I’d been referred to Care Credit, but read so many horror stories regarding their interest rates and customer service that I was resistant to the idea of opening an account with them.

I was resigned to being toothless until I spoke with a member of First Northern Credit Union.  Not only did he walk me through the application process, but provided helpful tips on lowering my debt-to-income ratio.  I received the requested loan the following day!!!

I’ve already started the process for my dental implants and am eternally grateful to First Northern.  Without them I’d still be embarrassed to laugh aloud, still covering my smile with my hand.  Just thinking about my new teeth brings great joy to my life.

Thank you, First Northern! Thank you!!!