Why Christian Avoids the Big Banks

Beautiful memories are the only ones I can think of when I talk about who I bank with.  It all started when I was in college and I was growing tired from all the big bank bullies.  My mother has been a member of FNCU for over ten years and she was the one who first told me about the wonderful credit union, First Northern.  The simplicity and environment that FNCU provides puts every bank I have ever dealt with to shame!  I was no longer a prisoner to the big banks and I had found a new home for my hard earned money.

I was truly saved from checking account fees and absurd interest rates and made FNCU the place to go for my first auto loan for my dream car.  I took out a loan for almost eleven thousand and I am happy to report It is now less than 2000.  The hassle free help I received while I was in college will never be forgotten and as I grow in my endeavors and in my career, so will my relationship with my First Northern Credit Union - and the sky will truly be the limit.

Thank you,