Why Steven has banked with First Northern since 1977

First Northern Credit Union is turning 70 this year…congratulations!!!

I have had great experiences with your organization for 37 years!!!  I joined the Edison Credit Union in 1977 shortly after I started working for Commonwealth Edison the year before.  My thriftiness was ingrained in me by my parents for years and taking advantage of the payroll deduction program directly from my paychecks was a great way to automatically save.

Back in those days the only office was on Adams Street in downtown Chicago.  I was working in Joliet so all my banking was over the phone or via Commonwealth Edison company mail.  The MAP phone system for transfers and withdrawals when that system was started was one of my best companions.

The payroll deductions continued my entire career until I retired last November.  The credit union was a source of at least one car loan through all the years, it was my “personal escrow” account for my mortgage payments and real estate taxes on 4 different homes.  You were my savings plan for Christmas Holiday shopping, and vacations.

I moved to the Rockford area in 2004 and of course FNCU was my bank of choice out there.  I had some great experiences with the tellers at the 12th Street branch as it was the closest to the ComEd office in Rockford.  And I was happy to see my friend Lettie at the Showplace Branch a couple of months ago when I stopped in there to do some business, as she was my “go to” gal at the 12th Street branch.

I’m retired now, and living in the Crystal Lake area.  I’m working part time and my paychecks are direct deposited into my FNCU account and now I’m establishing a friendship with the tellers at a shared banking branch of another credit union close to home.

The people and services of FNCU are second to none.  I’m proud to say I’ve had a great relationship with you for all these years and plan to for many more.  Congratulations on the 70 year milestone!