Visa Balance Transfer


Use the form below to transfer higher rate balances to your existing First Northern Visa Credit Card, skip the credit check, skip the expensive balance transfer fee and finally start paying off those balances.

Secure SSL Transaction*

(ie. ABC Bank VISA, JCPenney, Amoco Gas, etc.)
Additional Cards
Important information if you are transferring a balance:

You must be the primary member, co-applicant, or authorized user on the First Northern Credit Union credit card account in order to request a balance transfer.

Total amount of balance transfer(s) cannot exceed your available credit line.

At least two weeks are needed for the balance transfer(s) to be completed.

You must continue to make any required minimum monthly payments on the designated accounts until the balance transfer payments appear as credits on those designated account statements.

*This is a secure online service application. First Northern takes great care to protect your information with full 128 bit encryption - so you can have confidence that this form is every bit as protected as your online banking.