First Northern just completed major upgrades to both our internal banking system and our online and mobile banking platforms!

As with nearly any major upgrade there’s always a few hiccups so THANK YOU for putting up with any inconvenience you may have experienced. We appreciate it! And we appreciate you!

Here are a few known issues and updates:

  • When using a smaller laptop, some members noticed a few buttons were either missing or partially missing, including the logout button. We’re on top of this issue too. In the meantime, closing your browser (“x”ing out of the window) will also safely log you out.

And finally, here are some general (but important) items to note:

  • Yes, all former online banking users need to re-enroll. This is a completely new platform, allowing you to see all of your account under one username.

  • When you do re-enroll, remember this important fact: Smartphone and tablet users need to download the app in order to properly use our new platform. Logging in and/or re-enrolling directly from our website is only intended for laptops and desktop PCs.

  • Once you’re enrolled, we are providing 7 day a week digital support at: (512) 640-1826.  We can help between 6 a.m. and 12 midnight, CST.

  • If you were unsuccessful re-enrolling, contact FNCU directly at, 888-328-8677 during normal business hours.


*****Smartphone and tablet users MUST download First Northern's mobile app in order to re-enroll.*****









If you use aggregation services, such as Quicken or Mint, please CLICK HERE for conversion instructions.