These days there’s a new scam with every ring of your phone, every email, and the threat of a potential data breach around every corner. Scammers and hackers are becoming more and more creative with their tactics to trick people into falling prey to their fraudulent ways.

At First Northern Credit Union, we care about our members and strive to keep them, and their money as safe as possible. That's why we will be updating this page regularly to keep our members informed on the most recent scams and fraud activity we've been seeing.


Be on the lookout for scammers who are trying to take advantage of the fears surrounding the Coronavirus. Fraudsters have been quick to deploy scams involving the coronavirus stimulus package that would include direct payments to individuals and married couples filing jointly. Many variations of the scam could impact First Northern members.

In response to the federal stimulus package, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reported that fraudsters have deployed a variety of scams involving coronavirus stimulus checks. The BBB Scam Tracker has received several reports of coronavirus scams where individuals are contacted through text messages, social media post /messages, or phone calls.

One version of the scam targets seniors through a Facebook post informing them that they can get a special grant to help pay medical bills. The link within the post takes them to a bogus website claiming to be a government agency called the “U.S. Emergency Grants Federation” where they are asked to provide their Social Security Number under the guise of needing to verify their identity. In other versions, fraudsters claim individuals can get additional money –up to $150,000 in some cases. The victims are asked to pay a “processing fee” to receive a grant.

Coronavirus direct payments will likely be in the form of direct deposits or through U.S. Treasury checks. Fraudsters may look to seize this opportunity to create counterfeit U.S. Treasury checks to use in their scams. Knowing when the stimulus checks will be issued, fraudsters could steal U.S. Treasury checks out of the mail and attempt to cash them at a credit union after opening an account. This was a common occurrence in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy as fraudsters counterfeited and forged U.S. Treasury checks representing the Federal Disaster Assistance checks.

More Helpful Links

The Federal Trade Commission released this helpful article: CLICK HERE.

To learn how to protect yourself against COVID-19 scams, CLICK HERE.




Fraudsters are targeting members' online banking credentials and Visa Card information via email and/or text.  These emails and texts will appear to come from First Northern Credit Union. Please read below for details:

Scenario 1: The text/email asks you to provide a one time passcode for online banking, and/or your login criteria.    

  • First Northern will NEVER contact you and ask for the one time passcode or login criteria for online banking. If you receive a text/email or phone call from someone posing as First Northern Credit Union, delete the email and/or hang up immediately and contact us. 

Scenario 2: The text/email is asking for you to verify card activity and is asking for your full card number, the 3 digit number on the back of the card, or the card expiration date.

  • First Northern will never ask for the exp date or 3 digit code on the back of your card to verify transaction activity, the text/email will only ask you to reply Yes or No if you have recently done said transactions. 

If you have any questions or think you may have been targeted in one of these scams please contact us immediately at 888.328.8677. If you have been a target of a different scam and would like to share the information, please email us by CLICKING HERE.

Protect Your Information

Visa Purchase Alerts

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