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Direct Deposit

When you choose direct deposit, your funds are automatically and safely deposited into your First Northern account. No trips to the branch or ATM, and no waiting for your funds to clear. You have access to your money right when you need it!

And, when you direct deposit to your First Northern checking account, you get benefits like discounts on auto loans and fixed-rate home equity loans, or even lower (or no) fees!

You can authorize direct deposit of your payroll, Social Security, retirement, Veteran's Administration benefits or most types of recurring deposits.

 Your employer must initiate the direct deposit process. What you should do:

  • For direct deposit or payroll deduction to your First Northern checking account or money market account, your account number can be found at the bottom of your paper checks or by contacting us. Or: 
  • For direct deposit or payroll deduction to your First Northern savings account, use your member number
  • Present your payroll department or other issuing depositor with your account number and First Northern’s routing number (271078719)
  • That’s all!

For additional questions call (888) 328-8677, option 2.