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Refinancing Options

  1. Traditional
    With rates as low as 2.79%, we finance up to 100% of the purchase price and offer terms up to 84 months for new cars.  We finance used vehicles, seven model years or newer.  Apply Now!
  2. Driving Sense
    Like a lease, Driving Sense offers payments considerably lower than conventional financing. Yet, unlike leasing, with Driving Sense, you own the vehicle and have all the flexibility and benefits that come with vehicle ownership! Here are just a few benefits of a Driving Sense loan:

  • No security deposit

  • No upfront first or last payment

  • Option to sell, trade, finance or return vehicle at program's end

  • No return fee (if choose to return vehicle)

  • No tax, title, and license fees if you choose to buy out the lease

  • No early payoff penalty

  • Up to 120% financing with NO MONEY DOWN

  • Mileage options of 12,000, 15,000 and 18,000* per year available

No application fees and no title correction fees when you refinance to a First Northern Auto Loan!

Refinance and Save

New Vehicle Loans

For Driving Sense Program rates, contact a Financial Service Advisor.
Up to 29 months 2.79% APR*
30 - 41 months 2.99% APR*
42 - 53 months 3.29% APR*
54 - 65 months 3.49% APR*
66 - 72 months 4.29% APR*
73 - 84 months 4.79% APR*
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Used Vehicle Loans

(seven model years or newer)

For Driving Sense Program rates and used vehicles older than seven model years, contact a Financial Services Advisor.
Up to 62 months 3.49% APR*
63 - 66 months 3.79% APR*
67 - 72 months 4.29% APR*
73 - 84 months 4.79% APR*
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Motorcycle Loans

New (as low as) 5.39% APR*
Used (as low as) 7.09% APR*



*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Subject to credit approval. Rates are subject to Lender’s credit criteria, certain conditions, and restrictions. Your rate and corresponding APR may be higher than the published rate. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice. No annual fee.