Fee Schedule

Service Fees

Account Reconciliation (per hour) $25.00
ACH Origination Fee (one time originations, not reoccurring) $10.00
Additional Copy of Statement $5.00
ATM Card Annual Fee $12.00
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00
ATM Deposits FREE
ATM Withdrawals (including those at Starsf, AllPoint and Co-Op ATMs)* 1st 4 per month FREE, each thereafter $1.50
ATM Transfers* $1.00
MAP or FNCU Online Transfers FREE
Certified Mail $5.00
Cashier Check $5.00
Check Clearing Information $2.00
Check Clearing Information via MAP or FNCU Online FREE
Corrected Vehicle Title Fee (loans $15,000 and under) $95.00
Deposited Checks Returned (including those made at ATMs) $29.00
Early Closure of Membership Account (account closed within 90 days of opening) $15.00
Excessive Withdrawal Fee from Share Savings** $6.00
Foreign Check Deposit (per check) Minimum $15.00
Inactive Visa Debit Card $5/month (no activity for more than 6 months)
Insurance Sight Draft Deposited $15.00
Loan Payoff Letter 1st request FREE, each thereafter $25.00
Low Balance / Inactive Fee (90+ days inactive, Savings only, with avg daily bal <$500) $9.00 monthly
Low Balance Savings Fee $5 (savings only with avg daily bal < $200)
MAP or FNCU Online Inquiry FREE
Money Order $2.00
NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) ACH Share Draft $29.00
NSF Check Card Overdraft $29.00
NSF Loan Payment Fee $29.00 
Online Loan Payment FREE
Over the Phone Same Day Loan Payment $5.00 per occurrence
Paper Statement Fee $5.00 per occurrence (FREE eStatements)
Printed Account History $5.00
Printed Account History from FNCU Online FREE
Returned correspondence - incorrect mailing address $5.00 per occurrence
Special Order Copy of Check $5.00
Staff Assisted Phone Transactions (each occurrence) $2.00, for members with Savings only, avg daily bal < $2500
Stop Payment of Check or ACH $29.00
Subordination Agreement (unless request is denied) $75.00
Teller Check Withdrawal Fee $2.00 per check made payable to a third party
Temporary Checks (8) $5.00
UPS Delivery (on weekdays) $25.00
UPS Delivery (on Saturdays) $40.00
Verification of Deposit Fee $10 (per occurrence)
Visa® Card Replacement of lost card (first occurrence is free) $25.00
VISA Debit Card PIN or card rush (each item) $50.00
VISA Debit Card Purchases None
VISA Gift Card Annual Fee NONE
VISA Gift Card Cost of Purchase $2.75
VISA Gift Card Activation Fee NONE
VISA TravelMoney Card Cost of Purchase $5.00
Wire Transfers - Outgoing, Domestic $25.00
Wire Transfers - Outgoing, International $40.00
Wire Transfers, Incoming FREE
Withdrawal Check Mailing Fee (first occurrence is free) $3 



Checking Accounts (Value Now, Preferred, Advantage)

Overdraft Transfer from Savings - each occurrence (limit 6) $5.00
Inactivity Fee (each month) $9.00
Below Monthly Average Daily Minimum Balance Requirement (Preferred & Advantage Checking Only) $7.00
Low Signature-Based Transaction Fee Minimum of 10 Posted Per Month (Advantage Checking Only) $7.00
No Direct Deposit Fee (Advantage Checking Only) $9.00
VISA Check Card Annual Fee NONE
Courtesy Pay (per occurrence) $29.00
Non-Sufficient Funds $29.00


Checking Accounts (CreditSense)

Below Monthly Average Daily Minimum $7.00
VISA Debit/ATM Annual Fee*** $25.00
Monthly Maintenance Fee $2.00
Non-sufficient Funds $29.00
Overdraft Transfer from Savings - each occurrence (limit 6) $5.00
Inactivity Fee (each month) $9.00
Courtesy Pay (per occurrence) $29.00



First Northern Bill Pay


FREE for Advantage and Preferred checking accountholders

For Value Now checking, first six per month FREE, each thereafter $0.75

Non-sufficient Funds $22.00



Money Market Accounts

Checks FREE
Annual Average Daily Balance Below Minimum $20.00
Below Monthly Average Daily Minimum $15.00
NSF Checks (Non-sufficient Funds) $29.00
Over Monthly Transaction Volume Limit:
(more than 3 checks per month) $9.00
(more than 3 withdrawals or transfers per month) $9.00



Safe Deposit Boxes (Show Place Drive Location Only)

3" x 10" x 22" $24.00 per year
5" x 5" x 22" $36.00 per year
5" x 10" x 22" $48.00 per year
10" x 10" x 22" $96.00 per year
Drill Fee $250.00
Lost Key Fee $25.00



* Does not include surcharges of other institutions

** 1 FREE per month, $6.00 each thereafter for members with less than $1,000.00 aggregate average daily share balance. This fee applies to withdrawals conducted in the lobby, drive-thru, shared branches, and/or by phone with a representative. Withdrawals or transfers made through MAP (Members Audio Program), First Northern Online, or with a VISA Check Card are encouraged and will not incur this fee.

***Fee charged upon opening of account and on yearly anniversary date

For more details, refer to your Truth-In-Savings or Truth-In-Lending disclosures.