Pre-Paid Visa Cards

Visa Reloadable Debit Card

With our partner, CUMoney®, First Northern is excited to offer, The Everyday Spend Prepaid card. It works just like a traditional debit card, but with more convenience and security.

  • Safer than cash
  • Accepted everywhere you see the Visa logo
  • Multiple card designs to express your personality
  • Convenient CUMONEY mobile app to manage your card from anywhere, 24/7

The purchase of a new Everyday Spend card is not available online. Please call us at 888-328-8677 ext. 503.

For more information, visit

Visa TravelMoney Card

The First Northern Visa TravelMoney Card is a pre-paid Visa debit card that offers a better alternative to carrying travelers checks or cash.  And with a maximum limit of $5,000 and the option to reload up to 3 times, there is no reason to carry cash, debit or credit cards with you. Visa TravelMoney graphic

  • Reloadable anytime, anywhere by clicking on the "Manage TravelMoney Card" located in the "Resources" box in the right column
  • Protection against fraudulent purchases under Visa's Zero Liability Policy
  • Acceptance at 25 million merchants worldwide
  • Access to over 1 million ATMs around the world to avoid waiting in line to exchange foreign currency
  • Receive translation assistance, medical and legal referrals, emergency trip arrangements and emergency messages to relatives 24/7

Visa Gift Card

Not sure what gift to give that special someone? 

Avoid shopping stress and give a gift of choice and flexibility that anyone would love - a First Northern Visa Gift Card.  Cards can be purchased at any branch and ordered in $10 increments.