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Online Banking

To log in to online banking, click the green bar at the top of your screen 

Accessing your money quickly and easily is so important. That’s why our FREE online banking has everything you need to keep track of your accounts, 24/7!

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Manage your money

  • Access all your First Northern accounts, loans and Visa® Credit Card with one simple login
  • View up-to-the minute balance and transaction information
  • Transfer funds to and from your accounts at First Northern or other institutions
  • Send money to a friend or family member right from your account
  • Send money to someone securely using their mobile number or email address with Pay A Friend (similar to Zelle)
  • Free online budget tool with MyBudget, our powerful budget management tool

Pay bills

  • Make loan and credit card payments so you never face late fees!
  • Schedule and pay recurring bills or one-time expenses with our free Online Bill Pay. Even set up reminders so you never miss a payment!

Enhance safety

And so much more!

All this with the reassurance of First Northern’s enhanced security protocols, so accessing your accounts is safe and secure.

We provide alert options to help recognize fraudulent charges as soon as they happen, so we can work with you to freeze your accounts quickly and prevent additional fraud.

Account & Security Alerts

Members who use online banking have the ability to receive notifications for account changes.

How to get started:

  • Log in to online banking
  • In the upper right corner of your My Accounts page, click on the silhouette of a person in a circle and select Manage Alerts.
  • Select the format you would like to receive your notifications — text message or email (or both)— along with a verification of your contact information.

Account alerts allow you to be notified of the following statuses for each of your accounts. Each account can have different alert settings. While these alerts come quickly, they are not in real-time but offer a great level of security and protection:

  • If your account balance drops below a pre-specified amount
  • If your balance exceeds a pre-specified amount
  • If a credit or debit transaction exceeds a pre-specified amount (Note: this amount can be as low as $0 to alert you for all transactions)

Security alerts allow you to be notified in real-time about any or all of the following changes:

  • When your ID, password, email address, phone number, alert preferences, or other settings have been changed
  • If a PIN has been enabled or disabled
  • If a transfer has been conducted of a pre-specified dollar amount or more

"Suspicious" Transaction Alerts

There are occasions when a transaction occurs on your debit or credit card that we may consider unusual ("suspicious") in comparison to your typical spending patterns. In these situations, someone from our team will contact you via the phone number associated with your account to verify the transaction. This is not something you need to set up, and is included with your membership with us. 

We will ask you to confirm if transaction(s) were authorized by you and will provide you with  date(s), transaction(s), and amount(s). You will need only to verify with Yes or a No and will not be asked to provide any account information. If you receive a call like this and are concerned that it may not be valid,  call us directly at 888-328-8677. We'll be happy to determine if the call was legitimate and take you through any next steps needed.  

If you need additional assistance setting up alerts, visit a branch location or call us at 888-328-8677 and our team can walk you through the process step-by-step. For your security, we cannot access your dashboard and set them up for you. 

No one loves to pay bills, but with First Northern's FREE Online Bill Pay, we make it easy!

  • Receive email reminders when bills come due
  • Set up payments for one-time expenses
  • Schedule recurring payments of regular bills
  • 24/7 online access to pay your bills on your schedule
  • Extra security protects your accounts and personal information
  • Your payments are guaranteed to arrive on time

Get Started

Just open a First Northern checking account and sign up for our free Online Banking.  Click on "Bill Pay" to enroll. In just minutes you can start paying all your bills online. It’s fast, easy and secure.

For Online Bill Pay inquiries, call (844) 699-6091.

First Northern Credit Union's FREE MyBudget online budget tool is your personal money manager—free and securely integrated right into online banking for easy access and convenience.

With MyBudget, you can:

  • See all your accounts in one place
  • Add accounts and credit cards from other institutions so you can track them too!
  • View transactions
  • Set spending targets to keep you on track
  • Analyze monthly cash flow and spending patterns
  • See how your money is working for you with easy-to-understand charts and graphs

How to Set a Spending Target

  • Log in to online banking
  • Select "Add a New Spending Target" on the budget dashboard
  • Indicate the tags or categories you would like to track, such as Dining Out, Fast Food, Restaurant, Coffee, or Lunch
  • Name the Spending Target
  • Set your monthly limit. MyBudget will average the applied tags so you can set your budget according to your desired monthly spend and current average
  • Click the "Add Spending Target" button to complete the process of adding a new budget

NOTE: Budgets will automatically reflect recent purchases based on the selected tags and will let you know when you're spending too heavily.

Get Started

Just open a First Northern membership and sign up for free MyBudget to get started managing your money! 

Enroll today for free, secure eStatements



View your statements anytime, anywhere, simply by logging into Online Banking.


View and print your statements online with no risk of your personal information being stolen in the mail.

Environmentally Friendly

You're helping the environment by eliminating the need for paper statements.

Immediate Online Delivery

Gain immediate access to your statements as soon as they become available. No more waiting for the mail. And, when you need to retrieve statements for other financial purposes, they're readily available. 

Less Clutter

Reduce clutter by storing statements in paperless format.

How To Enroll

Just open a First Northern account and sign up for free secure eStatements.  Then log in to online banking and:

  • Under "Other Services" click "Statements/Docs"
  • Click "Proceed" to be directed to a secure site.
  • Under "My Profile", choose "Email" for all Notification Preferences, and under "Enrollment Information" "Statement Type" choose "E-Statements". 
  • That's all! Enroll or change your preferences at any time. It’s fast, easy and secure.

Have a First Northern loan? Enroll for ebills as well! 

Be sure to select electronic delivery of your First Northern loan bills as well!