CreditSense Program

Rebuilding or establishing your credit and helping you save.  

The program starts with a CreditSense loan - a loan you make to yourself.  First Northern puts the funds directly into your savings account. The funds are frozen in your account until the loan is paid in full.  When this loan is paid in full, all the funds become available to you.  By doing this, not only did you repay yourself creating a healthy savings pattern, you created new credit on your credit report. As long as you make timely monthly payments, you'll also be boosting your credit history and helping improve your credit score. There's no application fee and approval is quick and easy.

CreditSense CheckingCapture

If you are rebuilding credit or building credit for the first time, it is sometimes hard to get approved for a checking account.  First Northern's CreditSense Checking account comes with all the great features of a standard checking account including a Visa Check Card with a low annual fee for easy access to your checking account funds.  Simply maintain a low average daily balance of $100. This account only has a $2 monthly maintenance fee.

CreditSense Visa

When you make the first 6 payments of your CreditSense loan on time, you will be pre-qualified for a $750 Visa Credit Card.  You will also enjoy a low 16.99% APR on all purchases and cash advances, with a low annual fee.  With timely payments, this card not only provides access to credit when you need it most, it helps build a positive credit rating and score.  

Free Financial Counseling

When you join First Northern's CreditSense program, you will be offered no obligation, FREE money management education and counseling from our partner, BALANCE. Their ceritfied counselors can work with you one-on-one and will focus on your financial concerns and needs, help you understand your financial situation, find ways for you to save, help you prioritize payments, develop a customized budget and provide an action plan based on your short and long term goals. Once you complete the appropriate qualifications with them, you'll be eligible for the pre-approved Visa credit card (discussed above) after just three timely payments instead of six.  
To learn more about our CreditSense program, please contact a Financial Service Advisor at 1-888-328-8677 ext. 351. 
To speak to a certified BALANCE counselor, call toll-free 888-456-2227 or CLICK HERE for more information.